It’s impossible to say how certain things happen. They say that dinosaurs died out and mountains shifted and Hank Williams made his premature backseat exit in a rattlecan Buick. But they say a lot of things.

We are three orphans adrift in the America. Our bloodlines dried out into a stain on the landscape and our superheroes died of consumption. Now we’re on our own. We make our own way forward.

The Buzz Buzz Tabernacle exists in Brooklyn, Ny. because that is the center of the fucking universe. Hasil Adkins said that playing music was all about scaring the girls and making you feel very good. He was probably right about that. The Buzz Buzz Tabernacle says that they are a trio playing the country music very noisily, and they’re probably right about that too. They are somewhere between Appalachia and a garage, rock and a harder place, and right and wrong. There is a certain - and very special - thing that happens when a balance is reached between hotass and brokeass. Can you feel it? Attention must be paid.

Michael Daves plays with the guitar and sings. He has played in myriad and sundry country, oldtime, and bluegrass bands, but now his playing turns to the noble horror of all that Americana. Blame it on the distortion. He’s a good man, and a suave fucker.

Everybody should bake Leo Ferguson (drums) cookies because he plays so good and he’s done so much stuff you wouldn’t even believe it.

Jessi Carter (brokeass shit) is a completely cool multi-purpose instrument. The sound sensation that happens when a violin bow collides with banjo strings, it’s the sound of a nonexistent little heart pumping imaginary blood and electricity. She escaped grunge-era Seattle mostly unharmed, but that banjo’s hurt real bad.

The Buzz Buzz Tabernacle has made loud noises at: the Apocalypse lounge, 169 Bar, Ace of Clubs, and the Parkside Lounge. And shared airspace with the likes of: O’Death, the Lonesome Doves, Greg Garing. True story.



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